Welcome to Folsom Field

There’s no better place to celebrate your graduate than in the legendary home of the Buffs. The stadium gates will open at 7 a.m., and we recommend that you are in your seat by 8:15 a.m. to watch the student processional into the stadium. No tickets are required for the ceremony, so early arrival guarantees the best seating.

What You Can Bring

Start preparing for the commencement ceremony by packing some of these permitted items:

  • Clothes for all weather: No matter the weather, the commencement ceremony will happen at Folsom Field. Colorado weather in May can be unpredictable. Watch the forecast so you can dress accordingly. 
  • Clear bag: Folsom Field has a clear bag policy that we will continue to enforce the day of commencement. If you plan to bring a bag, it must be clear plastic, vinyl or PVC, and no larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches. 
  • Empty water bottle: You may bring an empty, nondisposable plastic water bottle to fill in the stadium as long as it is 51 ounces or smaller. 
  • Seat cushion: You may bring a seat cushion or a seat cushion with a back as long as it does not have pockets or zippers and it is 18 inches or less in width.

Prohibited Items

Before entering the stadium gates, you will go through a security screening, which may include walkthrough metal detectors, electronic wanding and bag inspections. Folsom Field complies with all TSA and Homeland Security prohibited items lists. Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Non-factory-sealed beverages or filled liquid containers
  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, including medical marijuana
  • Glass or metal bottles or cans 
  • Professional-grade video or camera equipment, such as telephoto lenses, tripods or monopods 
  • Flyers and signs larger than 11 inches by 17 inches
  • Flags on poles, artificial noisemakers, inflatable balls or balloons

For Your Safety

CU Boulder works diligently to ensure the safety of all members of our community, including at the university commencement ceremony. In case of an emergency, we encourage you to know the following safety procedures:

  • Once you are seated in Folsom Field, locate the nearest exit to your seat. If you are seated on the field level, you should exit north toward Dal Ward Athletic Center.
  • Listen carefully and follow any instructions from the Master of Ceremonies or other public safety authority.
  • Pay particular attention to the safety of any elderly persons or persons with disabilities.
  • If directed to evacuate Folsom Field, please move away from the stadium and remain outside until you have been given an “all-clear” by a public safety authority.
  • If necessary, seek assistance from a robed Commencement marshal, uniformed police officer, or designated security guard.
  • You may call or text the Folsom Field command center at 720-812-1769 to report issues, including suspicious or disruptive activities during the ceremony.
  • Families and guests can opt into CU Boulder Alerts messaging by texting “CUGRAD” to 67283. Guest subscribers will automatically be unsubscribed after commencement week.


A limited variety of concessions will be available for purchase in the stadium, including coffee, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, Danishes and other snacks.