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Student PhilanthropyAfter winning the Western Women’s Collegiate Hockey League last February, the CU women’s ice hockey club team needed funds to help them travel to nationals in St. Louis, Missouri. They, along with 10 other CU Boulder student groups, participated in the university’s inaugural Student Philanthropy Month as a way to fundraise for their cause. By the end of March, the team walked away with $11,200. 

“It gave us the opportunity to truly connect with our peers and college community,” said Elle LaPerle (Neuro, Psych’25), the club’s vice president, who plays a forward position. “The money that we were able to raise helped lower individual costs for nationals and made it possible for all of our girls to travel and participate.”

Student Philanthropy Month occurs through a partnership with The Herd Leadership Council (HLC) — a group of 15 students who work to deliver meaningful services and programs to engage CU Boulder students with the Forever Buffs community — and the CU Boulder Alumni Association. Up to 20 student groups will crowdfund this March, ranging from Senior Class Council to the CU Independent newspaper. 

Student PhilanthropyThe goal this year is to raise $30,000 total for all of the groups, said sophomore and HLC Philanthropy Chair Michael Coaty (Expl’25). 

“We’re empowering students to be able to help themselves,” he said. 

The month will include a Student Philanthropy Fair on March 21 at the UMC fountains to raise additional funds that will be evenly distributed among the participating groups, said Sara Abdulla (EnvSt, Psych’13), senior program manager for student engagement at the Alumni Association. 

“We really want to meet students where they’re at in terms of supporting causes they care about,” she said.

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Photos by Matt Tyrie