Published: Nov. 7, 2022 By

Maria Kuntz headshot The buzz around Boulder is seeming more and more like years past. But there are changes — some I’m glad to witness. 

The pandemic lifted a veil previously obscuring conversations about mental health and wellness that were shrouded by cultural taboo. In this issue, we’re featuring CU Boulder geneticists, neuroscientists and psychologists who are exploring new methods to diagnose and treat mental illness. 

The use of biomarkers and brain scans can contribute to our understanding of interrelated health issues and earlier mental illness identification, while new ways of providing treatment will support the entire person, rather than isolated symptoms. 

There are also stories about Colorado’s snowpack, the 75th anniversary of the CU-affiliated Rocky Mountain Rescue Group and, in honor of Veteran’s Day, a story about CU’s Vetsville and an early-1940s photo that may be from an ROTC band. Can you help our archivists learn more about its origins?

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