Published: Sept. 4, 2020

Visual Arts Building with open-air tentWith the semester underway and students back on campus, here are some of the protections CU Boulder is implementing for faculty, staff and students:

  1. Before the first day of class in August, everyone took a required online course about COVID-19 safety.

  2. Each day before coming to campus, students, faculty and staff are required to fill out a daily health form.

  3. The university course schedule includes remote and hybrid classes, reducing the number of students on campus at any given time.

  4. Building access is limited by requiring a school ID swipe before entering. 

  5. Open air tents with tables and WiFi provide students with a workspace.

  6. Portable HEPA filters were added to classrooms, as well as using outdoor ventilation.

  7. Weekly COVID testing is provided to students living in residence halls.

  8. At the front entrance of buildings, hand-sanitizing stations are provided and disinfecting wipes are in every classroom.

  9. Frequently-touched surfaces like doorknobs and lightswitches are routinely disinfected. 

  10.  Masks and social-distancing are mandatory on campus at all times.

For more information about CU's effort to combat COVID-19, check out the university's dashboard, updated daily Monday through Friday.