Old Boulder map
Bird's Eye View of Boulder City, Colorado, 1874 E. S. Glover, 1874 (from the collection of Wesley Brown)
Prather Rocky Mountain Park
Prather's Aerial View of the Rocky Mountain National - Estes - Park Ralph Carlyle Prather, 1922
Gold regions map
Map of the Gold Regions in the Vicinity of Central City, Gilpin Co., Colorado Territory John J. Pratt (surveyor), Bela S. Buell (recorder of mining claims) Frederick J. Ebert (surveyor of inset map), and John E. Dillingham (artist of vignettes), 1862
snowy range Rocky Mountains map
Snowy Range of the Rocky Mountains, from Bald Mountain, Near Nevada, A.E. Mathews, 1866
view of pikes peak
View of Pike's Peak 40 miles distant from camp July 11th, John C. Fremont, 1845

A Century of Views of Colorado: 1820-1920

See the drawings and maps of early Colorado settlers at the CU Boulder Earth Sciences & Map Library in the Benson Building. 

The University Libraries’ exhibit, “A Century of Views of Colorado,” will be on display until May 25, 2018.

According to University Libraries, some of these rare drawings were created by artists accompanying government explorers to highlight economic and migration opportunities of the West to those living in the East. Others were commissioned by private companies.

On March 8, Antiques Roadshow print and map appraiser Christopher W. Lane discussed some of the more unusual maps at an event on campus. 

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Maps and illustrations courtesy University Libraries