Colorado List of 10

10 CU Extreme Sports Athletes

Individuals from around the world flock to Colorado to participate in the state’s thriving outdoor community. It’s no surprise that many of them find their way to CU. Here’s a handful of extreme sports athletes and adventure enthusiasts that have ties to CU.

Sonya Looney on her mountain bike in Colorado

Sonya Looney (MElEngr'07) 

  1. Sonya Looney (MElEngr’07); pro cross-country mountain biker
  2. Vince Anderson (ArchEngr’93); professional mountaineer
  3. Chris Davenport (Hist’93); skier
  4. Roger Briggs (Phys’73; MEdu’90); rock climber
  5. Jeremy Bloom (A&S’06); olympic freestyle skiing
  6. Paul Robinson (Art’11); professional climber
  7. Giselle Cesin (MJour’19); mountaineer
  8. Andrew Hamilton (CompSci’98); speed hiker
  9. Emily Harrington (IntlAf’07); professional climber
  10. Dede (Deirdre) Barry (IntlAf’03); cyclist