Floyd and Becca Vietnam

Still in it? No. #TeamFun was eliminated at the end of a difficult leg in Vietnam.

Highlights from episode 9/10: In this double episode, Floyd Pierce (ApMath, Econ’17) and Becca Droz (Anth ex’12) flew to Vietnam — nearly 5,000 miles from Athens, Greece, the site of their last race leg. 

In the first episode, the team gained an early lead and maintained it all the way to the pit stop. As the winners of the leg, Pierce and Droz received a seven-night, all-inclusive luxury vacation to the Galapagos Islands. “We’re fun-stoppable!” Pierce declared. 

Troubles lay ahead. In the next episode, Pierce was hit with the challenge of his life when he was tasked with biking a cocoon of shrimp containers across the scorching landscape. Several of the baskets dropped on the way and he had to redo the task twice while other teams finished on the first try. Battling heat exhaustion and last place, Droz tried to cheer a spent Pierce onto the next challenge. But the team’s fate was sealed. #TeamFun was eliminated from the race after the remaining four teams advanced to the pit stop.

The duo ended the race as they started — with joy and gratitude. 

Quote: “I really was ready to win The Amazing Race, but at least I went out fighting hard.”— Pierce, after being eliminated from the race.  

Team Background: New graduate Floyd Pierce served as a drum major, Herd Leader and Boettcher Scholar while at CU. Becca Droz teaches rock climbing at Boulder’s Movement Climbing.

See their entire journeyhttps://www.colorado.edu/coloradan/amazing-race

Photo courtesy CBS