Published: March 20, 2017 By

Neil Gorsuch

A U.S. Senate committee March 20 began hearings on the U.S. Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch, a visiting law professor at CU Boulder.

The president nominated Gorsuch, whose parents were both 1964 graduates of Colorado Law, in January.

Gorsuch, a federal appeals court judge based in Denver, has taught ethics and antitrust law at Colorado Law since 2008. He lives in Boulder County.

The Senate Judiciary Committee opened its hearing late Monday morning. The committee plans to vote on the Gorsuch nomination no later than April 3. A vote of the full senate would follow.

Two CU Boulder alumni have served on the U.S. Supreme Court: Byron White (Econ’38) and Wiley Rutledge (Law’22).

Photo courtesy Washington Post/Getty Images