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10 Buffs, 10 Cool Jobs, part 1

1) U.S. Supreme Court Justice (Byron White, A&S’38)

2) Hollywood Stuntwoman (Heather Arthur, Mktg’03)

3) CEO of Barnes & Noble (Mike Huseby, Bus’76)

4) Astronaut (Scott Carpenter, Aero’49, HonDocSci’00)

5) Superintendent, Grand Canyon NP (Chris Lenhertz, EPOBio’85)

6) U.S. Ambassador to Greece (Daniel B. Smith, Hist’77)

7) Governor of Colorado (Bill Ritter, Law’81)

8) Governor of Oregon (Kate Brown, EnvCon’81)

9) New York Times sports reporter (John Branch, Mktg’89, MJour’96)

10) Founder/CEO of Chipotle (Steve Ells, Art’88)