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Chris Meloni

Actor Christopher Meloni 

Forever Buffs who made it in Tinseltown:

  1. Heather Arthur (Bus’03) and Jonathan Arthur (Bus’03), Stunt Actors, Lost, Furious 7, Captain America  
  2. Adrianna Costa (Jour’03) Entertainment Reporter, E! Network, Access Hollywood, CNN
  3. Sarah Siegel-Magness (Bus’95) Film Director; Producer of Precious
  4. Trey Parker (A&S ex’93) and Matt Stone (Art, Math’93) Co-Creators and Executive Producers of South Park
  5. Christopher Meloni (Hist’83) Actor, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
  6. Jim Doyle (Art’78) 1992 Academy Award winner, technical achievement 
  7. Howard Schultz (Comm’75) Reality TV Producer, Extreme Makeover  
  8. Larry Linville (Engr ex’61) Actor, M*A*S*H 
  9. Robert Redford (A&S ex’58, HonDocHum’87) Actor, Director and Producer; Founder of the Sundance Institute
  10. Dalton Trumbo (A&S’29) Screenwriter