(Friday 2 September at 12 noon) UMC 425

CMEMS Faculty Book Launch to celebrate the publication of a new book by Professor Núria Silleras-Fernandez (Department of Spanish and Portugese):

Chariots of Ladies: Francesc Eiximenis and the Court Culture of Medieval and Early Modern Iberia(Cornell University Press, 2015).


(Friday 16 September from 9am to noon) C4C Flat Irons Room

CMEMS Symposium on Medieval Studies and the Digital Humanities featuring

Lisa Fagin Davis (Director, Medieval Academy of America); and

Laura Morreale (Associate Director, Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University)


(Tuesday 11 October at 5pm) HUMN 125

CMEMS Invited Speaker Series (co-sponsored by the Department of Classics)

Lisa Bailey (Department of History and Classics and Ancient History, University of Auckland)

“Servants of God, Slaves of the Church: Service and Religion in Early Medieval France”


(Thursday 20 October at 5pm) British & Irish Studies Room, Norlin Library

The 4th Annual James Field Willard Lecture in Medieval History

Miri Rubin (Department of History, Queen Mary University of London)

"The Ecology of the Medieval Parish"


(Friday and Saturday 21-22 October) UMC 247

CMEMS Conference

Premodern Ecologies: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Interaction with the Natural World in Medieval and Early Modern Europe


(Thursday 3 November at 5pm) HUMN 135

CMEMS Front Range Speaker Series

Caleb Cohoe (Department of Philosophy, Metropolitan State University of Denver)

“Everyone Wills to Live Forever: Augustine vs. the Stoics on Self-Preservation”


(Thursday 1 December at 5pm) HUMN 135

CMEMS Invited Speaker Series

Michael Ryan (Department of History, University of New Mexico)

"Discerning Magic and Fraud in Late Medieval Venice"