CMEMS Faculty Work-In-Progress Talk (12 noon, 29 August 2013, UMC 425): Kirk Ambrose (Department of Art and Art History) “Saints and Ex-Convicts as Artistic Collaborators”

CMEMS Invited Speakers Series (5pm, 12 September 2013, HUMN 250): Renee Trilling (Department of English, University of Illinois) “Where Body Meets Soul: Materiality and Eschatology in Anglo-Saxon England”

THE JAMES FIELD WILLARD LECTURE IN MEDIEVAL HISTORY (5pm, 29 October 2013, British Studies Room, Norlin Library) William Chester Jordan (Department of History, Princeton University) “The Lorn Land”

CMEMS Front Range Speaker Series (5pm, 7 November 2013, HUMN 1B90): Elizabeth Moore Hunt (Department of Art, University of Wyoming) “Manuscript Marginalia and its Courtly Audience in Medieval Flanders”

CMEMS Faculty Work-In-Progress Talk (12 noon, 5 December 2013, UMC 425): Tiffany Beechy (Department of English) “Aethetics in Anglo-Saxon England”