(Thursday 24 September 2015 at 5pm) HUMN 1B90
CMEMS Invited Speaker Series
Alexa Sand (Department of Art and Design, Utah State University)
“Moral Illumination: Text and Image in a Mirror for Princes”

(Thursday 8 October at 5pm) HUMN 1B90
CMEMS Invited Speaker Series (co-sponsored by the Program in Jewish Studies)
Elisheva Baumgarten (Department of History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
“Consent and Choice Reconsidered:
Marriage in the Medieval Jewish Communities of Northern Europe”

(Thursday 22 October 2015 at 5pm) British Studies Room, Norlin Library
The 3rd Annual James Field Willard Lecture in Medieval History
John Van Engen (Department of History, University of Notre Dame)
“After the Year 1000: Religion and Narrative in the Making of Medieval History”

(Friday and Saturday 23-24 October 2015) CMEMS Conference:
Religion and (the Master) Narrative: An Interdisciplinary Conference
on Medieval and Early Modern Belief and Practice

(Tuesday 10 November 2015 at 5pm) HUMN 1B90
CMEMS Faculty Book Launch to celebrate the publication of a new book by Professor Katherine Eggert (Department of English, UC Boulder)
Disknowledge: Literature, Alchemy, and the End of Humanism in Renaissance England (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015)
with commentary by Professor Rebecca Laroche (Department of English, UC Colorado Springs)

(Thursday 3 December 2015 at 5pm) HUMN 1B90
CMEMS Front Range Speaker Series
Albrecht Classen (Department of German Studies, University of Arizona)
“Death as Memory: The Creation of Meaning Through Mourning in the Late Middle Ages”