Illustration by Josh Cochran for the Coloradan

Life after death on the Internet

March 16, 2018

Assistant Professor Jed Brubaker wants to make death "a little bit kinder to people." A founding member of the Department of Information Science, Brubaker helped develop Facebook’s Legacy Contact to enable users to determine the postmortem fate of their profiles.


A century later, CU officially remembers Lucile

March 16, 2018

Polly McLean, our associate professor of Media Studies, has spent years digging through historical archives across the country to uncover the story of Lucile Berkeley Buchanan (Ger’18), who was CU’s first black female graduate 100 years ago, but was not allowed to walk at graduation. McLean says, "A desire to understand the university’s reasoning for dismissing her achievement motivated me to dig deeper, and thus began my search for Lucile."

Untangling illustration

Untangling data

A professor’s curiosity leads to a new area of nonprofit research.

Christopher Bell

Pop activist

Media studies scholar and dad Christopher Bell (PhDMediaSt’09) joins forces with Pixar to improve children's media.

The 2014-14 fellows pose for a selfie

Center for Environmental Journalism turns 25, celebrates 100 former fellows

This month, the center celebrates its 25th anniversary, as well as the 20th anniversary of the Ted Scripps Environmental Journalism Fellowship.

Justin George

The front lines of crime

When Baltimore was in the national spotlight in spring 2015, so was alumnus Justin George (Jour'99).

Basketball court

Kate Fagan's three pointers

The communication alumna on life, writing and social media.