By Iris Serrano
Photos by Kimberly Coffin (CritMedia, StratComm’18)

“Unpredictable” is how Lisa An describes her college experience. 

“I learned that keeping your work to yourself because of the fear of not being good enough does no good. If you share your work and receive feedback, you are able to improve your craft and obtain opportunities you otherwise never would have been able to.”
Lisa An

She felt pressured to pursue a computer science major, in preparation for a technical career path, but realized it wasn’t her calling. Eventually, she came across media production and enjoyed the creative freedom that came with it.

“It ended up being one of the best decisions I made,” An said. “I often struggle to find the right words to describe what I'm feeling. With photography, I’m able to create something where the emotion I pour into the piece can speak for itself.”

She carried her curiosity and love for creativity and completed a second major in Art Practices with minors in Art History and Sociology. Now she’s graduating as the William W. White Outstanding Senior for the Department of Critical Media Practices. The White awards are chosen by CMCI faculty and honor students for their academic accomplishments, professional achievements and service to the college.

The award didn’t come without hard work and effort. An has completed countless projects for her media production classes, but the one that stood out most was a book she made compiling her photography and design work. It was, she said, “rewarding to see my creation come to life physically, as well as being a part of the entire process of creating something.”

She has also completed an internship at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, which she said gave her a clearer picture of what to expect in the field after graduation. 

Her path may not have been linear, but she said that journey helped her surround herself with friends who guided her on the way. 
“One thing I’ll miss is the sense of community and support I received from my professors and peers. I could feel that they all genuinely cared for my success and pushed me to produce work that I could be proud of,” An said.