“The only constant is change.”
—Heraclitus (c.535 B.C.–475 B.C.)

Lori Bergen

As dean of a new college, I’m incredibly lucky to observe the opportunities that emerge from change. It’s not that there aren’t challenges—there are. But change has brought us to a place where the possibilities truly outweigh these challenges.

As we enter our third year as a college, enrollment of new undergraduates is up 30 percent. We’ve received $3.4 million in research grants since the college’s inception. And other plans are moving ahead for new teaching and lab space for the college—including a new studio space in downtown Boulder, where the Strategic Communication Design master’s is housed, and a new campus virtual reality lab that will open soon.

I’m so delighted to introduce CMCI Now—our college’s print and digital magazinewith stories about students, faculty and alumni who are up to the challenge of change. From an alumnus who consults with Pixar on issues of race and gender to the entrepreneurial student who co-founded an online business, our students, faculty and alumni are reimagining and redefining what it means to be communicators and problem solvers.

In this new college, we have the best of both worlds: the opportunity to create something new with the accompanying excitement and energy of new programs and faculty, as well as the benefit of a strong existing foundation from the Department of Communication and the former School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

I’m thankful for the support from the university, our donors and industry partners—which comes in many forms—and for the faith that students and parents have placed in our ability to shape tomorrow’s leaders. 

We may be only 2 years old, but we have more than 18,000 alumni, and we would love to hear from you. We need your expertise as we plan mentoring programs, develop advisory boards and build industry partnerships. Send us your updates, follow us on social media, attend one of our many events and let us know when you plan to be in the area. And, enjoy this first edition of CMCI Now.

Warm regards,
Lori Bergen
Founding Dean, College of Media, Communication and Information

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