Moses and Hurwitz

Nathan Moses (left) and Jake Hurwitz (right)

When Nathan Moses (CritMedia’17) and Jake Hurwitz (Bus’17) met, neither predicted they’d wind up as business partners. Two years later, the online video series they created as students, Eyesight Collective, has been voted one of the top startups to watch in 2016 and 2017 by Built in Colorado. The site aims to help student entrepreneurs gain business skills from industry leaders. 

Since graduating, they’ve made the business a full-time venture, launching a private beta for Startup Vault—an online course for aspiring entrepreneurs—while expanding services on the Eyesight platform.

“We identified that throughout this country there are millions of kids that truly struggle with talking to adults, talking to business people and progressing their business careers,” Hurwitz says.

As the company’s chief executive officer, Hurwitz flexes his business sense and networking skills. Moses, the chief creative officer, is the multimedia content producer and produces videos for the site’s online courses. 

The pair hope their venture will help future students start successful businesses.

“It’s getting kids out there and helping them meet the people they need to meet to push their ventures forward,” Moses says.