The clinical psychology program at the University of Colorado has been ranked among the top 20 programs for a number of years and is currently ranked #16 in the nation.  The faculty teach a wide variety of courses relevant to students who have an interest in pursuing careers in counseling, medicine, law, and other areas.  For example, our members teach foundational courses such Abnormal Psychology (e.g., Willcutt, Rhee, Arch) as well as specialized courses like Treatment (Dimidjian) and women (Pittman-Wagers) and clinical research methods (Smutzler). Many of our undergraduates pursue higher degrees in medicine, law, and clinical psychology after they graduate.  Many of these students were embedded in active clinical science labs and received structured training in clinical research.  For examples of career trajectories for these students, please see the Undergraduate Alumni page.

Because working in an active clinical science lab is so important for the future career trajectory of students who wish to pursue higher degrees in medicine and clinical psychology, it is important that these students are identified early so that they have a chance to get hands-on research experience that may also include conducting an honors thesis.  However, there are only a limited number of such opportunities available, which is constrained by the number of faculty actively conducting clinical research.  If you are a student who would like this experience, please review the faculty pages to identify the faculty who are doing research that most resonates with your interests. 

If you’re interested in working with a specific faculty member, please email them directly with the following information:

  • Current GPA
  • Expected graduation date
  • Research interests
  • Career goals (i.e., where you want to be in five years)

If the faculty member has an active project with an opening, the faculty member will contact you regarding opportunities to join the research lab.