Application Information

Application for Fall 2019 is currently open.

Deadline: December 1, 2018 for Fall 2019

Your complete application to the Clinical Program must be submitted by December 1 to be considered for admission to the department for the following fall semester.  Please see the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience's Graduate Program Application Information.  

Selecting Applicants

The GRE General Test and GRE Psychology Test are both required.  Information concerning an individual's previous academic performance is also weighed. Although it is necessary for a student to have a moderately high grade point average (i.e., above 3.3) to be considered, grades are not the chief determinant of acceptance to our program. We look for students whose interests come close to our training objectives and whose research interests match those of the faculty. We are also looking for students who have had supervised research experience and practical experience (perhaps at a volunteer level) relevant to clinical psychology.  Admission to the program is competitive (roughly 1–4% of applicants have been admitted in recent years) so strength in all aspects is beneficial. 

Effective November 9, 2017:  Students who have not taken the Psychology GRE may still apply but will be required to take the April Psychology GRE test if accepted into the program.  The Psychology GRE remains as an admission requirement for the program.  

Information about admitted students including average GRE scores and undergraduate GPA.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Clinical Psychology Program.  If you have questions about the program, please contact


Graduate students choose a research mentor who will oversee their progress in research training. Students may sample from a variety of research topics currently represented among the clinical faculty. On the application, applicants are asked to indicate the faculty member with whom they would like to work. The top 15-20 applicants will be invited to campus to interview.

The following Clinical faculty will be considering new students for Fall 2019:   To be announced in September 2018
Financial Aid

Students who submit a complete application for admission to graduate study in psychology will automatically be considered for all university scholarships and fellowships for which they are eligible, as well as for teaching assistantships. In addition, if students complete a financial aid application, they will be considered for other need-based monies. A number of different types of financial aid are administered by the Graduate School. These include University of Colorado fellowships, scholarships, and loans.

Admitted Clinical graduate students receive either a Teaching Assistantship or a Research Assistantship award that pays tuition remission, a monthly stipend of around $1,750 to $2,200 during the academic year, and about 75-90% of the cost of the Student Gold Health Insurance Plan.  Students are required to pay student fees and the remaining health insurance costs.