Are you interested in learning more about Strengths? Read the descriptions below to learn more about each training we offer.

Strengths Introduction

Through this interactive session, learn about Strengths theory and build knowledge of Strengths to motivate the CU Boulder community to maximize their talents. Upon attending this session, learners will develop a preliminary understanding of Strengths theory, recognize how personal Strengths manifest in daily life, and understand how CU Boulder integrates Strengths into the campus community.

Strengths in Supervision

Through active participation in this session, learners will be able to explain how their Strengths influence their supervision, understand principles of Strengths-based management and engagement, build knowledge of Strengths-based questions, and identify at least one new strategy to apply in their supervision responsibilities.

Pre-requisite: Strengths Introduction (or another Strengths workshop) at CU Boulder

Strengths in 1:1 Conversations

Apply Strengths theory and expand familiarity with other Strengths to improve individual conversations and relationships. During this session, learners will cultivate an increased appreciation and understanding of Strengths outside of their top five and will utilize tools and practice having a Strengths-based conversation.

Pre-requisite: Strengths Introduction (or another Strengths workshop) at CU Boulder
Strengths Facilitation in Groups

Once you have developed knowledge and had experience with Strengths, attend this session to advance your knowledge of Strengths theory and activities to use for facilitating Strengths with groups you work closely with. Upon completing this session, you will have knowledge of facilitation principles and constructing ORID debrief questions, practice facilitating CliftonStrengths activities, and identify an action plan for your own development and practice. After completing this workshop, you are eligible to earn the CU Boulder Strengths Facilitation Certificate.

Pre-requisite: Strengths Introduction at CU Boulder