What do I do with my results?

CliftonStrengths gives our campus community a unique vocabulary to use when describing the way you learn and work, especially in your college environment. Communicating with professors or supervisors becomes much easier when you have words to more adequately describe your abilities and goals. We hope that by discovering, developing, and applying your Strengths in your academic, professional, and personal lives that you will be able to contribute to our campus in an even more positive manner. 

Who has access to my Strengths results?

As part of this free program, you, Gallup, Inc., and our team have access to your results. If you have any concerns about this, you may take the assessment for a $10 fee through strengthsquest.com so your information is not affiliated with CU. Should you choose to take the assessment through our free access, we are happy to send that list to your supervisor, advisor, professor, etc. should you or they ask for it. We do not distribute your information publicly and simply keep your results as a method of analyzing the strengths of the larger CU student body. 

What about my weaknesses?

CliftonStrengths is about leveraging your Strengths to move forward and elevate your already existing talents in a positive and productive way, rather than focusing on the areas of your life that you may not excel in. HOWEVER, if there is a Strength that does not appear in your Top 5 signature themes that you wish was present, you can focus on how to better implement that Strength in your life by using one that already comes naturally to you. We also like to speak about how your Strengths can become your greatest weaknesses (using them in the balcony vs. the basement--ask a Strengths Coach for more information). Knowing both your abilities and your limits is incredibly important in this conversation. We always like to focus on the positive psychology of Strengths and hope that by building upon your existing talents that you can develop your Strengths for optimum success. Speak to a counselor in Career Services if you have any questions!

Do my Top 5 Strengths indicate that I'm only good at those 5 things?

You are not ONLY good at 5 things. We like to focus on your Top 5 because it has been scientifically proven to be the easiest number to memorize in numerical order. All 34 signature themes are ranked for you in some capacity and it is important to know that you are not lacking in any of them. Those towards the top of your list simply come more naturally to you than others.

CliftonStrengths is not meant to put you on a prescribed academic or professional path. It is up to you and your individual interests to identify what path you would like to take in terms of your major. Career Services and Academic Advising are happy to discuss how your Strengths can help you set up a plan for what you want to do, but there is no direct correlation between individual Strengths and success in specific majors. 

Are information sessions are available on campus?

Currently, our information sessions are offered on a per-request basis for classes. We work specifically with professors and students to give individuals the best workshop experience we can. While we do not host sessions outside of class time, we are certainly open to the idea should students want to attend workshops on weekday evenings. The Career Counselors in Career Services are always open to speaking about Strengths with students and our Strengths Coaches work directly with their peers to help them understand results. If you would like to request a presentation, please email strengthsquest@colorado.edu. If you would like to review your results with a counselor, please make and appointment through Career Buffs. 

I'm a parent/guardian and I am looking for more information so I can have a Strengths-based conversation with my child/student.

If you have not yet taken the CliftonStrengths assessment, we invite you to do so for a $10 fee through strengthsquest.com (we are unable to provide free codes to individuals outside of the CU community. After reviewing the material on the Gallup website, please browse through our pages and information and encourage your student to do the same. While we do not currently offer specific resources to families/parents, we are looking forward to expanding our information soon to give you better opportunities to discuss Strengths at home!

Can I take the Strengths assessment more than once?

All members of the CU Community are provided one free code to take the assessment. Beyond this, we cannot issue a second code for you to re-take the assessment. You can re-take the assessment by purchasing a code directly from Gallup. Although we don't recommend re-taking the assessment, we know that typically your top Strengths won't change much.

Is Strengths really a reliable assessment?

Please review the technical report from Gallup outlining the research and numbers behind the assessment!