CliftonStrengths provides university community members with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to foster Strengths-based conversations leading to increased well-being and belonging across campus. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators who focus on their Strengths to achieve well-being and are engaged with one another are more likely to be committed to and proud of the institution. Engaged and healthy students are more likely to remain at CU Boulder, graduate in a timely fashion, and stay connected with CU Boulder as active alumni.

    We find Talents to be the naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied. It’s how we process information, interact with people and see/understand the world. From there, a Strength is the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect & positive performance in a given activity.

      The CliftonStrengths program is managed through Career Services and has an active Advisory Board that meets monthly to ensure Strengths is being actively used on campus. We invite you to learn more about us through these pages. 

      In 2001, Gallup research developed an assessment, CliftonStrengths, to help individuals discover and use their natural talents. CliftonStrengths was created by Gallup to help students identify, understand and maximize their strengths and talents in regards to their academic pursuits. Through 2 million+ interviews with the ‘best of the best,' Gallup identified 400+ themes of talent and then narrowed down to 34 most prevalent themes of talent.

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