Is out-of-state tuition for the class the same as in-state tuition?

Yes. Tuition is the same for University of Colorado students, non-University of Colorado students, Colorado residents, and non-Colorado residents.

How much does the course cost?

The class is a two-course series (you may take only the first class or both classes). It costs $1,840 for 4 credits, or $3,680 for the two-course series, 8 credits. Prices may increase.

What are the dates of the course?

The first course runs June 5 - July 7. The second course runs July 10 - August 11.

I will be working 40 hours a week this summer. Will I have time to take this class?

This class represents a significant time commitment. We will work through 25 lessons of Anne Groton’s From Alpha to Omega in the first class, and 25 lessons in the second class. In other words, two semesters of Greek are crammed into 10 weeks.  We understand that each student’s situation is different. Some may have large blocks of time after or before their regular work-day to devote to the class. The student with a strong background in language may take less time each day to digest the grammatical concepts, but every student is going to need a considerable number of hours each day to approach, grasp, and memorize the material.

Is this class self-paced, and can I complete this course on my own time? In other words, can I just turn all the material in by the final class date?

No. This class requires daily quizzes and weekly tests to be uploaded to the course website.

What will a typical day in the course look like?

For each lesson, students will watch a “lecture video” as well as a “dialogue video.” The “lecture video” introduces new grammatical concepts. The “dialogue video” simulates classroom experience, with Samuel Hahn playing the role of a student struggling to learn ancient Greek, as Professor Reitzammer asks him questions. After the student completes and uploads the homework for the lesson, he or she will take a quiz. Each Friday, the student will take a test. Each week we will progress through approximately 5 lessons.

Will I be required to attend daily course meetings?

Students are required to meet with the instructor in an online chatroom twice each week. The instructor will be available at various times so that students can participate in these group meetings.

Is this class offered for credit?

Yes. The class is a two-course series. Each course is worth 4 credits, for a total of 8 credits, if students successfully complete both courses. If students choose not to complete the second course, but do complete the first course, they will receive four credits.

How much Greek will I learn in this class?

In the two-course series, we will work our way through all 50 lessons of Anne Groton’s From Alpha to Omega. We will learn two full semesters of Greek and thus be introduced to all of the important features of its grammar. By the end of the class, students should be prepared to enter third-semester (intermediate Greek) and begin reading authors such as Lysias, Xenophon, or Plato.

What do I need (other than the required book) to take this class?

Students will need a reliable and speedy internet connection, as well as access to a scanner and a printer. Typing Greek presents many difficulties and you will not be asked to do so. Each week, students must print out the weekly test, complete the test by hand, scan the test (so that it is legible), and upload the scanned pdf to the course website. You must use Firefox when taking quizzes (the Greek may not display properly in other browsers).

I do not have access to a scanner. Can I take this course?

Students must have access to a scanner to take this course.