Published: Jan. 19, 2022

the centro

The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome – “The Centro” for short – is the premier study abroad program for students who are passionate about ancient Rome and who long to experience it up close and in depth.  We run one-semester programs in both the Fall and the Spring terms.

Want to learn more?

The Centro’s curriculum focuses on learning on-site. The central course, “The Ancient City,” takes students to archaeological sites and museums virtually every class day. Students experience lessons in the Forum, below the Vatican, at hidden gems around Italy – in other words, the Roman world is the classroom.

We take the show on the road – next year, to Southern France and the Bay of Naples.  In addition to day-trips from Rome, the Centro hits the road three times through the semester, experiencing a 5-day trip to Provence and two 4-day trips to Campania


In short, engagement with the raw stuff of history is central to the program’s ethos, and, thanks to the Rome staff’s connections, Centristi get into places that few (if any) other groups are allowed to tread.

The Centro has a policy of meeting every student’s financial need. We want to share the Centro’s unique experience with as many students as possible.  Students can receive more than $25,000 in financial aid when they demonstrate need through a FAFSA. 

Beyond “The Ancient City,” the Centro offers Greek and Latin at the intermediate and advanced levels, yet experience with Latin or ancient Greek is not required for the program.  Our course offerings extend to Elementary Italian, Renaissance/Baroque Art History, and Conservation.  Additionally, we offer an internship with the archaeological study collection at the American Academy in Rome.

Overall, the Centro provides your opportunity to study abroad in Ancient Rome.