Published: March 1, 2020
Greek Text

All Classics undergraduates should limber up for the Matthew Dwyer Translation competition. This will take place on Monday, 2nd March, in HUMN 345, at 2-4:30 pm and Tuesdaty, 3rd March, in HUMN 350, at 1:30-4 pm. One prize each for Greek and Latin will be awarded to the student who provides the best translation of a short passage of prose or poetry, previously unseen. Each exam will take one hour. Although you will not be allowed to use a dictionary, help will be provided in the form of vocabulary and grammar assistance specific to the assigned passage. All undergraduates are encouraged to try! The prize for best Latin translation will be a brand new copy of Lewis & Short’s Latin dictionary, and the prize for best Greek translation will be a brand new copy of the unabridged Liddell & Scott Greek-English Lexicon.  Questions can be referred to Professor Carole Newlands.