Published: Jan. 31, 2020


January 31 – February 1, 2020
Friday: Humanities 1B80 at 5:00pm
Saturday: Center for British and Irish Studies, Norlin Library from 10:15am - 6:00pm

Friday - Keynote Address
5:00 - Humanities 1B80

Dr. Sarah Levin-Richardson, University of Washington
Vision, Power, and Identity in Roman Culture

Saturday - Graduate Presenters
11:00 – Local Space and Identity
Center for British and Irish Studies, Norlin Library

Landscape Engineering in Athens: Slope Reversal on the Pnyx
(G. Budde, Boston University)

Making a Space a Place: Eco-Cultural Readings of the Peirene
Fountain at Ancient Corinth (Y. Liu, Bryn Mawr)

Local and Imperial Identities at the Amfiteatro Campano in
(L. Ladge, University of Chicago)

1:30 – Religious & Political Performance

Hittite in Homer: The Šalliš Waštaiš Ritual in the Funeral of
(A. Crum, University of Georgia)

Space and the Spectacle of Ritual in the Cult of Mithras
(J. Nadeau, University of Calgary)

Expressions of Roman and Sasanian Legitimacy through Their
Political Landscapes
(K. Breyer, Bryn Mawr)

3:30 – Spectacle in Literature

Narrative Space: The Malian Gulf in Bacchylides 16
(G. A. Hagerty, CUNY)

Theater, Performance and Illusion in Ovid's Metamorphoses 11
(E. Sacks, CU Boulder)

Forced Prostitution as Transformed Spectacle in Late Antique
(A. Irwin, CU Boulder)

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Sponsored by the Department of Classics, UGGS, CHA, and the Benson Center