Published: Dec. 12, 2018

Department of Classics Undergraduate Funding Opportunities 2019-2020

Thanks again to a generous donation from CU Classics alumna Ann Nichols, the Department of Classics will be able to offer several scholarships for the coming academic year (2019-2020).

•    Ann Nichols Fellowships will award around $3,500 to the chosen recipients for continued study at CU Boulder
•    Romulus Grants will award around $4,000 to the chosen recipients for departmentally approved study abroad summer programs in Classics, archaeological field schools or intensive language study programs in Latin or ancient Greek
•    Undergraduate Travel Grants for $750 will be awarded for travel expenses to a Classics major who has had a paper accepted to a departmentally approved conference
•    Herodotus Travel Grant. The Herodotus Travel Grant will cover roughly $15,000 in expenses for one of the departmentally approved semester-long study abroad programs (see the list below)

Any Classics major may apply for one or more awards. If a student chooses to apply for more than one award, s/he must indicate the order of preference for the awards. Students who receive any additional awards from CU or other sources for study at CU or elsewhere must report this to the undergraduate committee of the Classics Department. Their award may be adjusted accordingly. Failure to report additional awards will result in automatic forfeiture of the Classics fellowship.
This form can be used for one or more of the types of scholarship (Nichols, Romulus, Travel, Herodotus). Money from this award will be administered and disbursed through the Department of Classics and may be used to cover tuition and related expenses (travel, fees, books, room and board). Both in-state and out-of-state students are welcome to apply. To be considered, a student must:

(1)    be a current declared Classics major in good academic standing
(2)    maintain full time student status during the award tenure (2019-2020)
(3)    apply for and be accepted to one of the departmentally approved study abroad programs, archaeological field schools or intensive language study programs
(Romulus and Herodotus Travel Grants only).  See recommended list below.

N.B. Preference will be given to those majors who have not received a Classics scholarship in previous years. However, previous recipients of Classics scholarships are welcome to apply.  
Students will be expected to write at least one letter to donor Ann Nichols describing the use of the funds, within 60 days of completing the project towards which funds were applied.
If you meet these criteria, you may complete the application and send it as an e-mail attachment to Professor Carole Newlands ( by five o’clock (5:00) p.m. on Friday Feb. 15 2019 (the Lupercalia).  


Approved departmental programs in Classics

Here is a suggested list of approved and recommended programs for study abroad. These are suggestions:  please check with the undergraduate adviser if you find other programs you are interested in.

Summer courses in Italy and Greece:

American Academy of Rome (AAR):

The AAR summer session lasts six weeks and is led by experts in the field.  The course introduces advanced undergraduates, along with graduate students and school teachers, to the main sites of Rome and its environs. Students will also learn how to study material remains and literary sources. The deadline for applications is early December.  

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA):  
The ASCSA summer session (of six weeks) offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the ancient sites, monuments and culture of Greece first-hand, with the guidance of experts in the field.  The summer session is based in Athens, but the group over six weeks travels throughout Greece, including a visit to the island of Crete.  The summer session is open to advanced undergraduates.  The deadline for applications is early January.  Scholarships are available for financial support.  Website:

The Paideia Institute offers “Living Latin” in Rome, a continuous, intensive period of study in Latin. Students read selections of some of the most important works of Latin literature, from the classical period through the Renaissance to the modern era. Each work is linked to a particular monument or site that the class visits on scheduled site visits. Informal conversations in Latin and weekend trips outside Rome are included in the five-week course, which is available for academic credit.  Housing is provided by the Institute. The Paideia Institue now also offers “Living Latin” in Paris (with a focus on medieval texts), and “Living Greek” in Greece.

Semester or year long studies:   

Education Abroad, CU Boulder:
Students can get course credit for spending a year abroad at another accredited university.  Eg. Scotland, Capetown, Berlin, Regensburg, Tübingen, Rome)   

College Year in Athens (CYA): This  program offers semester, academic year, summer and winter study abroad programs that embrace the vibrant experience of day-to-day contact with the people, institutions, monuments and landscape of Greece and the Mediterranean. Many classes are held on-site adding a new dimension to learning and a global understanding of the subject. A significant portion of the semester involves field trips, which are designed not only to enhance the classroom material but also to give you a deeper understanding of Greece.

Intercollegiate Centre for Classical Studies (ICCS, or the “Centro”), Rome: All students take “ The Ancient City”, a course that integrates the topography of Rome with its social history, literature, and culture.  The course includes many field trips in and around Rome, as well as two longer trips to Pompeii and Herculaneum on the Bay of Naples and to Sicily.  Classes are also offered in Greek and Latin, architecture and art, and beginning Italian.    

               Classics Scholarship 2019-2020 Application Form             

Please send your application as an e-mail attachment to Professor Carole Newlands
( by five o’clock (5:00) p.m. on Friday February 15 2019 (the Lupercalia).

See the Full Scholarship Instructions and Application