ChemDraw is available to all faculty, staff, and students on the Boulder campus, including personal computers. This site license covers the entire CU-Boulder campus with no fee to the individual users.

To obtain a license, create an account using your email address on the following website, From this account, you can download ChemDraw for your computer and receive the necessary serial number and/or registration code via email.

FAQs, notes and a full user manual for ChemDraw are available when you log in to the above account or from the Desktop Support tab at


The Department has purchased an academic license of Igor Pro, a very powerful data analysis, programming, and graphing software for use by students on coursework. Igor is the primary tool for data analysis in several groups in the Dept. (e.g. J. Jimenez, Tolbert, Volkamer). You should install Igor on your computer by downloading it from the following website, (PC and Mac versions available).

To obtain the Serial Number and Activation Key, please contact Jose Jimenez.

Once you have installed, you should open the online manual and go through the "Getting Started in IGOR" section.

The IGOR license is for coursework in the CHEM department only. After the end of the semester, those of you joining one of the IGOR-equipped groups should install their licenses. For the rest of you, you can try to convince your advisors to get a license or you can purchase a personal license ($85 for student personal purchases).

Other Site Licenses

Additional site licenses are available for download via OIT's site license website,