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With important contributions of the Analytical, Environmental, and Atmospheric Chemistry Division (“ANYL”), the University of Colorado-Boulder was ranked #1 in Atmospheric science worldwide (2020 Shanghai Ranking).

We are one of the few Analytical Chemistry groups nationwide (and globally) with an Atmospheric Chemistry focus within a chemistry department. Our faculty perform cutting-edge research in the laboratory, in the field, and through computer simulations. Research topics include studies of trace gases and aerosols and their impact on climate, health and ecosystems, e.g. fundamental chemical mechanisms, emissions to the atmosphere from different sources, indoor air quality, planetary atmospheres, simulation chamber studies, applications of satellite data, and the development of new instrumentation. All faculty members in the ANYL Division are also Fellows of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), a joint research institute between the University of Colorado and NOAA. Our division also has strong ties to the nearby National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Our unique position in Boulder offers incoming graduate students unparalleled opportunities for research in Atmospheric Chemistry.

Program Flier

Faculty in this research area:

Steven Brown: Aircraft and ground-based field studies with a focus on nitrogen oxides, heterogeneous chemistry, and regional air quality. Laboratory studies in support of field observation interpretation, spectroscopy, and spectroscopic instrument development.

Eleanor Browne: Laboratory and field studies of organonitrogen and organosilicon chemistry, instrument development

Joost de Gouw: Laboratory and field studies of volatile organic compounds, processes affecting air quality and climate, instrument development, emissions related to energy production and use

Jordy Bouwman: Interstellar (prebiotic) hydrocarbons, physical chemistry, (laser) spectroscopy, quadrupole ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometry, threshold photoelectron photoion coincidence spectroscopy, quantum chemical computations.

Jose-Luis Jimenez: Aerosol composition and sources, aircraft and simulation chamber studies, advanced instrumentation, modeling, disease transmission by aerosols.

Margaret Tolbert: Laboratory studies of particulate matter on Earth, Mars, and Titan

Rainer Volkamer: Small molecules, radicals and aerosols; advanced optical instrumentation; air-surface exchange; oceans; wildfires; energy & environment.

Veronica Vaida: Spectroscopy and reactivity of atmospheric molecules and radicals

Paul Ziemann: Laboratory studies of the products, mechanisms, and kinetics of atmospheric oxidation of organic compounds and aerosol formation; and indoor air chemistry