Ralph Jimenez

Ralph Jimenez Awarded Department of Commerce Bronze Medal

March 7, 2017

Ralph Jimenez received a Department of Commerce Bronze Medal for Superior Federal Service at a ceremony held in mid-December 2016. The Medal is the highest honor presented by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and NIST Director Willie E. May presided over the awards ceremony, which was held concurrently at NIST's Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Boulder, Colorado, campuses.

Kathy Ramirez-Aguilar holding I2SL Award

Campus Sustainabilty Award

Dec. 27, 2016

Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar is a CU Boulder alumnus who obtained her doctorate in Analytical Chemistry in 1999, followed by sever years of post-doctoratal work in Biochemistry here at CU Boulder. Kathy was presented with the Go Beyond Award for individual achievment at the 2016 International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) annual...

Ryan Pearson was awarded the 2015 Ciba Travel Award in Green Chemistry

Aug. 15, 2016

4 students received the 2015 Ciba Travel Award in Green Chemistry. The award, administered by the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute® (ACS GCI), will allow them to participate in ACS conferences and meetings that promote sustainable chemical processes.

Blaine McCarthy won 1st prize at the National Graduate Research Polymer Conference

Blaine McCarthy won 1st prize at the National Graduate Research Polymer Conference

Aug. 15, 2016

Blaine McCarthy won 1st prize at the National Graduate Research Conference for her oral presentation on Novel Synthetic Strategies.

Green Labs Awards

Bierbaum Lab receives Green Labs award

Aug. 5, 2016

Awards Given | Environmental Center | University of Colorado Boulder ­ Category: Laboratory Achievement Since January 2010, the Bierbaum Lab has been turning off 5 diffusion pumps at night and on the weekend for large electricity and water savings. In general, lab diffusion pumps are left on 24/7 and cannot...

Gordana Dukovic

Study involving CU-Boulder shows fertilizer can be made from sunlight

Aug. 5, 2016

A group of scientists led by the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden and involving the University of Colorado Boulder has developed a new, eco-friendly method to produce ammonia, the main ingredient of fertilizer, using light.

Eaves and Dukovic Article Published Nature Chemistry

Aug. 5, 2016

In CdS nanocrystals, photoexcited holes rapidly become trapped at the particle surface. The dynamics of these trapped holes have profound consequences for the photophysics and photochemistry of these materials. Using a combination of transient absorption spectroscopy and theoretical modeling, we demonstrate that trapped holes in CdS nanorods are mobile and execute a random walk at room temperature. In CdS nanorods of non-uniform width, we observe the recombination of spatially separated electrons and trapped holes, which exhibits a t−1/2 power-law decay at long times. A one-dimensional diffusion–annihilation model describes the time-dependence of the recombination over four orders of magnitude in time, from one nanosecond to ten microseconds, with a single adjustable parameter. We propose that diffusive trapped-hole motion is a general phenomenon in CdS nanocrystals, but one that is normally obscured in structures in which the wavefunctions of the electron and trapped hole spatially overlap. This phenomenon has important implications for the oxidation photochemistry of CdS nanocrystals.

Taynton and Zhang

CU-Boulder researchers recycle carbon-fiber composites into new, equally strong material

April 11, 2016

Carbon-fiber composites – stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum – can easily and cost-effectively be recycled into new material just as robust as the originals, a team of researchers led by the University of Colorado Boulder has found.