Maciej Walczak
Associate Professor

Office: Cristol Chemistry 156
Lab: Cristol Chemistry 63, 363
Lab Phone: 303 492 3505, 303 492 9521
Fax: 303 492 5894


Ph.D.: University of Pittsburgh, 2009
Postdoctoral Fellow: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, 2013

Areas of Expertise

Synthesis, Chemical Biology/Genetics, Physical Organic, Materials Science

Our research group is interested in the development of tools and strategies for constructing molecular complexity at the level of small molecules and biologics. We plan to explore innovative approaches to address unsolved chemical, biological, medicinal questions, in which the control of chemical reactivity and efficiency are the central challenges. Our problems are identified based on their mechanistic/structural features and potential impact outside chemical sciences. In framing and validating the chemical hypotheses we take full advantage of all available physical, chemical, and biological tools. Studies on new catalytic transformations that focus on the control of absolute and relative stereochemistry are particularly attractive to us, and it is our goal to establish a general mechanistic platform for reaction discovery and optimization. Additionally, total synthesis of natural products displaying challenging structural features and promising biological activities will be a significant component of the research portfolio. Our interests lie in the area of therapeutically promising alkaloids, oligosaccharides, and glycoconjugates.

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