Professor Bouwman
Assistant Professor • LASP


M.Sc., Physical Chemistry – Laser Sciences: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Ph.D., Natural Sciences: Universiteit Leiden Leiden, the Netherlands
Postdoctoral Fellow: University of California, Berkeley

Areas of Expertise

Interstellar (prebiotic) hydrocarbons, physical chemistry, (laser) spectroscopy, quadrupole ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometry, threshold photoelectron photoion coincidence spectroscopy, quantum chemical computations.

Awards and Honors

2013: Veni research grant from the Netherlands organization for scientific research
2017: Vidi research grant from the Netherlands organization for scientific research      

Our research group applies state-of-the-art physicochemical laboratory measurement techniques in combination with quantum chemical computations to understand chemical processes of astronomical importance. A particular focus is put on understanding the chemical evolution of (prebiotic) carbonaceous molecules in the interstellar medium, from the early stages of star formation, to our current day Solar System. Our research furthermore supports current and future space missions to facilitate the detection of complex organic molecules on planets within our solar system and their moons.

Peer reviewed publications

J. Bouwman , H. Hrodmarsson, G. B. Elisson, A. Bodi, P. Hemberger, “Five Birds With One Stone: Photoelectron Photoion Coincidence Unveils Rich Phthalide Pyrolysis Chemistry”, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Accepted, 2021 (pdf)

N. F. W. Ligterink, A. Ahmadi, A. Coutens, Ł. Tychoniec, H. Calcutt, E. F. van Dishoeck, H. Linnartz, J. K. Jørgensen, R. T. Garrod, J. Bouwman, “The prebiotic molecular inventory of Serpens SMM1 I. The isomers CH3NCO and HOCH2CN as tracers of -CN and -NCO chemistry”, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2021, in press


S. Panchagnula, J. Bouwman, D. B, Rap, P. Castellanos, A. Candian, C. Mackie, S. Banhatti, S. Brünken, H. Linnartz, A.G.G.M. Tielens “Structural investigation of doubly-dehydrogenated pyrene cations”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, in press, 2020 (pdf)

M.N. McCabe, P. Hemberger, E. Reusch, A. Bodi and J. Bouwman “Off the Beaten Path: Almost Clean Formation of Indene from the ortho-Benzyne + Allyl Reaction”, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 11, 8, 2859–2863, 2020 (pdf)

J. Bouwman, C. Boersma, M. Bulak, J. Kamer, P. Castellanos, A.G.G.M. Tielens and H. Linnartz “Gas-phase infrared spectroscopy of the rubicene cation (C26H14+) A case study for interstellar pentagons”, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 636, A57, 2020 (pdf)


M. Diedhiou, B.J. West J. Bouwman, and P.M. Mayer “Ion Dissociation Dynamics of 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydronaphthalene: Tetralin as a Test Case For Hydrogenated PAHs”, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 123, 51, 10885, 2019 (pdf)

X. L. Bacalla, H. Linnartz, N. L. J. Cox, J. Cami, E. Roueff, J. V. Smoker, A. Farhang, J. Bouwman, and D. Zhao “The EDIBLES survey IV. Cosmic ray ionization rates in diffuse clouds from near-ultraviolet observations of interstellar OH+ ”, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 622, A31, 2019 (pdf)

J. Bouwman, P. Castellanos, M. Bulak, J. Terwisscha van Scheltinga, J. Cami, H. Linnartz and A.G.G.M. Tielens “ The effect of molecular structure on the infrared signatures of astronomically relevant PAHs ”, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 621, A80, 2019 (pdf)


J. Bouwman, A. Bodi, and P. Hemberger “Nitrogen matters: The Difference Between PANH and PAH Formation”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20, 29910-29917, 2018 (pdf)

J. Bouwman, S. Horst, and J. Oomens “Spectroscopic characterization of the product ions formed by electron ionization of adamantane”, ChemPhysChem, 19, 1-9, 2018 (pdf)

V. Kofman, M.J.A. Witlox, J. Bouwman, I.L. ten Kate, and H. Linnartz “A multifunctional setup to record FTIR and UV-vis spectra of organic molecules and their photoproducts in astronomical ices”, Review of Scientific Instruments, 89, 053111, 2018 (pdf)

A. Candian, J. Bouwman, P. Hemberger, A. Bodi, and A.G.G.M. Tielens “Dissociative ionisation of adamantane: a combined theoretical and experimental study”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20, 5399, 2018 (pdf)

J. Zhen, A. Candian, P. Castellanos, J. Bouwman, H. Linnartz, and A.G.G.M. Tielens “Laboratory gas-phase infrared spectra of two astronomically relevant PAH cations: diindenoperylene, C32H16+ and dicoronylene, C48H20+ ”, Astrophysical Journal, 854, 1, 2018 (pdf)


S. Spieler, M. Kuhn, J. Postler, M. Simpson, R. Wester, P. Scheier, W. Ubachs, X. Bacalla, J. Bouwman, and H. Linnartz “C60+ and the Diffuse Interstellar Bands: An Independent Laboratory Check”, Astrophysical Journal, 846, 1682017, 2017 (pdf)

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J. Zhen, P. Castellanos, and J. Bouwman, H. linnartz, A. G. G. M. Tielens, "Infrared Spectra of Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene Cations: HBC+ and HBC2+", Astrophysical Journal, 836:28, 7pp, 2017 (pdf)

A. J. de Haas, J. Oomens, and J. Bouwman, "Facile pentagon formation in the dissociation of polyaromatics", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 2974-2980, 2017 (pdf)

2016 and earlier
16 peer reviewed publications