A picture of Joel Eaves

Office: Ekeley W145E
Fax: 303-492-5894 


Postdoctoral Scientist: Columbia University (2005-2009) 
Ph.D.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005 
B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Physics: University of Wisconsin, Madison (1999)

Areas of Expertise

Nanotechnology/Materials, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Biophysics, Chemical Physics

The Eaves group works to understand fundamental physical and chemical processes in quantum information, nanoscience, and sustainable chemistry. Our tools are theoretical, where we build mathematical models for complex problems to provide new intuition and physical insights. We often work with experimentalists to interpret existing data, design new measurements, and discover new materials. Research topics include uncovering the molecular structure/function relationships for chemical quantum hardware, creating numerical and theoretical techniques for simulating realistic noise in quantum circuits, converting photons into valuable forms of chemical energy, and modeling water in various chemical and spectroscopic contexts.

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