David Walba

Office: Cristol Chemistry 158
Lab: Cristol Chemistry 114, 163
Lab Phone: 303-492-6247, 303-492-7691
Fax: 303-492-5894


Ph.D.: California Institute of Technology, 1975
Postdoctoral Fellow: NIH fellow at University of California at Los Angeles, 1975-77

Areas of Expertise

Organic, Renewable Energy, Physical Organic

Awards and Honors

  • Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar, 1984-86
  • Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, 1982-83
  • Fellow of the AAAS, 1999, College Scholars Award, 2012

Liquid Crystals, Polymers, and Gels, Materials Chirality, Electro-Optic Materials, Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals

Research in the Walba group focuses on supermolecular stereochemistry and materials chirality in the context of liquid crystal science and technology. Most projects in the group are interdisciplinary; runing in collaboration with CU students and Professors in the Physics. These include synthesis of molecules designed to provide new liquid crystal phases, design and synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystals and polymers for nonlinear optics applications, creation of new liquid crystals for high resolution TV and holographic projector applications, development of new liquid crystals for organic photovoltaics applications, and exploration of new approaches for controlling liquid crystal macroscopic stereochemistry using novel liquid crystal/solid surface interfaces.

Ferroelectric liquid crystals represent a unique "soft matter" system possessing polar symmetry and a spontaneous macroscopic electric dipole moment. One illustrative project involves synthesis and characterization of new banana phases, named after the shape of the molecules forming the phases. Until recently all ferroelectric liquid crystals were composed of enantiomerically enriched molecules. Recently, however, we have shown that achiral or racemic banana-shaped molecules can form ferroelectric liquid crystals. More interestingly, these phases are chiral, even thought the molecules are achiral or racemic. This is analogous to Pasteur's famous discovery of the macroscopic chirality of racemic tartrate crystals in the nineteenth century, but for the first time observed in a fluid phase.

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