To be a leader in addressing the humanitarian, social and technological challenges of the 21st century. 

Who We Are 

  • CU Boulder is a leading global comprehensive research university. 
  • Located on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, we are distinguished by an entrepreneurial mindset that shapes our teaching, research and industry activities. 
  • In all our actions, we are committed to inclusive excellence, a quality that defines our passion to be on the forefront of change for a more sustainable and understanding world. 

The Colorado Creed 

As a member of the Boulder community and the University of Colorado Boulder, I agree to: 

  • Act with honor, integrity and accountability in my interactions with students, faculty, staff and neighbors. 
  • Respect the rights of others and accept our differences. 
  • Contribute to the greater good of this community. 

These values are reinforced by our Inclusive Excellence Initiative. CU Boulder’s identity is defined by respect for diversity and inclusivity. 

Strategic Imperatives 

Strategic Imperative 1:
Shape Tomorrow’s Leaders 

  • Recruit, retain and graduate students committed to:
    • Demonstrating honor, integrity, accountability, respect and contributions to the common good. 
    • Understanding, sharing and engaging diverse perspectives
    • Developing critical thinking and creative problem solving skills by fully participating in CU Boulder’s academically rigorous programs and community. 
  • Recognize and engage graduates who consistently demonstrate CU Boulder values and apply intellectual curiosity, rigor and collaboration to creatively address complex issues and opportunities. 

Strategic Imperative 2:
Be the Top University for Innovation 

  • Serve as the nexus for innovation by facilitating collaboration and the sharing of diverse perspectives between universities, industry, laboratories and communities to elucidate and address complex issues and opportunities. 

Strategic Imperative 3:
Positively Impact Humanity