Project Lead: Bernard Amadei

According to the Systems Dynamics Society*, system dynamics is a computer-aided approach to policy analysis and design. It applies to dynamic problems arising in complex social, managerial, economic, or ecological systems — literally any dynamic systems characterized by interdependence, mutual interaction, information feedback, and circular causality.

Distinguished Professor Bernard Amadei’s current interests reside in the application of systems science and complexity science in small-scale community development projects and geological engineering projects. More specifically, he is interested in how to use system dynamics tools combined with other decision making tools to: (i) model the complex interactions taking place across social, natural, economic, and infrastructure systems; and (ii) understand how such interactions may contribute to sustainable development.

More specifically, Dr. Amadei is working on the application of system dynamics to the Water-Energy-Land-Food nexus. He is in the process of completing a new book on the Peace-Sustanability-Climate Security nexus to be published by Routledge in 2023. 

Recent books by B. Amadei:
(1) "A Systems Approach to Modeling the Water-Energy-Land-Food Nexus, Vols. I and II" ISBN 9781947083523 and 9781947083547, Momentum Press (2019);
(2) "A Systems Approach to Community Development Projects" Momentum Press (2015);
(3) "Engineering for Sustainable Human Development: A Guide to Successful Small-Scale Community Projects " ASCE Press (2014)

Research by Dr. Bernard Amadei and PhD student David Zelinka

Picture of Arrows Pointing around the words Water-Energy-Land-Food nexus  courtesy of Bernard Amadei from his book, "A Systems Approach to Modeling the Water-Energy-Land-Food Nexus Vol. II", Momentum Press (2019)

*Definition courtesy of