Sustainable service delivery remains a huge challenge in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Sector. Achieving sustainable WASH, as defined by USAID, is when country partners and communities take ownership of the service, and there are local systems to deliver inputs to maintain results and deliver impacts beyond the life of projects. In order to achieve this goal at scale, new approaches to WASH service delivery and sustainability are needed. The multi-year Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership aims to develop, test, and document high-potential approaches to engaging local WASH systems across multiple countries and to advance sector knowledge in the development, application and scaling up of local systems framework in WASH while also providing concrete improvements to service delivery the countries, districts and cities involved. To achieve this, the Partnership will work to:

  1. Improve decentralized WASH service delivery by understanding and influencing local systems;
  2. Develop a locally-led infrastructure to coordinate WASH sector (particularly financed) activities in the implementation of national strategies and action plans; 
  3. Test, revise, and scale up public-private partnership models that improve WASH service delivery.

Together, these activities are expected to lead to a stronger system that better engages of local actors for rural water and sanitation service delivery, resulting in better coordinated investment, improved uptake of good practices, and sustained service delivery.  Ultimately, this will lead to improved health and development outcomes for communities involved in the pilot locations. While the main goal is of the Partnership is to help improve USAID WASH programming, once results are made available, the Partnership is expected to catalyze national and international uptake of the different approaches tested.

The Partnership's main website is available at

In addition to the work being conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder, this USAID-funded cooperative agreement includes activities by: