Fall, 1 credit; F 12:20pm-1:10pm, Fleming Building 271B

And Spring, 2 credits

Instructor: Mike Hannigan and Daniel Knight

Course Flyer

Course Description

Focuses on the use of low-cost air quality monitoring tools, dubbed Pods, to implement PBL curriculum in high school environmental science classes in rural communities in Colorado.  Each student will be paired with a high school class and will serve as curriculum and technology advisors as well as science experts. During the fall semester, students will be trained to effectively work in those roles and will also travel to their schools to be introduced.  During the spring semester, students will support high school teachers in implementing an existing PBL air quality curriculum with the Pods. This will include monthly visits to schools in the spring and reporting back to the class. This is a full-year course. Enrollment during Fall 2020 is required for enrollment during Spring 2021.

Contact daniel.knight@colorado.edu for enrollment details.