Dr. Jessica Rush Leeker headshot
Faculty Director of Undergraduate Education & ESCEND • Stephen M. Dunn Professor of Engineering Management & Entrepreneurship
College of Engineering & Applied Science • Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program

When it comes to expanding her impact within her community— and encouraging others to do the same— there is no shortage of inspiration and devotion within Dr. Jessica Rush Leeker. Fueled by her desire to deepen her knowledge and understand how she can leave a lasting impact on the world and the people around her, Dr. Rush Leeker has cultivated a rich educational background. Equipped with her undergraduate degree in Supply Chain and Information Systems from Penn University and her Ph.D. in Engineering Education and MBA in Sustainability and Operations from Purdue University, she is proud to share her currently expertise as an Engineering Professor at CU Boulder.

Dr. Rush Leeker has worked with several successful companies, including top Fortune 500 organizations, and private coaching clients looking to improve their business practices to find professional and personal growth. IAs a children's book author and Yoga teacher, Dr. Rush Leeker hopes to serve as a mentor for the next generation as she encourages students of all ages to explore their creativity, always choose kindness, and be brave enough to pursue their passions.