rural pedestrian footbridge

Bridges to Prosperity Pilot Impact Evaluation

Dec. 10, 2018

Isolation caused by lack of transportation infrastructure affects almost every facet of life for the rural poor. Without adequate transportation access, families cannot access schools, health care, employment, or local markets to sell and buy goods. The World Bank estimates that nearly a billion people worldwide lack access to an...


Infrastructure Resilience and Disaster Recovery

Project Lead: Amy Javernick-Will Given the increasing number and impact of disasters, research is needed to determine how to enable community recovery and foster resiliency. Associate Professor Amy Javernick-Will and her students focus on this increasingly vital aspect of community development. Current Projects: Building Capacity for Safer Shelter: Leveraging Local...


Hazard Resistant Design

Project Lead: Abbie Liel This NSF-funded project proposes a new building life-cycle assessment method, based on the tradeoffs and interdependence of structural, economic, and environmental features. The framework quantifies environmental impacts of hazard-resistance and green design, promoting a more holistic approach to decisions about building design and hazard mitigation. Measurement...