Headshot of Fernando Rosario-Ortiz with flatirons in the background
Civil • Environmental • and Architectural Engineering

Fernando Rosario-Ortiz is the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research group deals primarily with the areas of environmental chemistry. Ongoing topics of research include environmental photochemistry, impact of wildfires on water quality, and treatment. He teaches CVEN 4424 Environmental Organic Chemistry, CVEN 5454 Water Chemistry, and CVEN 5834 Analytical Methods in Environmental Engineering.

Research Interests

  • Wastewater reuse
  • Advanced oxidation processes for water treatment
  • Natural organic matter
  • Environmental photochemistry

Honors & Awards

  • Selected as a RIO fellow, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2017-2018
  • Selected as the inaugural AEESP Emerging Investigator Lecture at the AWWA WQTC Conference, 2017
  • Selected as Trustee for the Water Quality and Research Division of the American Water Works Association, 2017-2020
  • Selected as one of the top 10 reviewers for Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, 2016
  • University of Colorado, Boulder, Provost Faculty Achievement Award, 2016
  • College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean’s Award for Outstanding Junior Faculty, University of Colorado Boulder, 2015
  • ​National Science Foundation CAREER award, 2015
  • ​College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean’s Award for Professional Progress, CU Boulder, 2014
  • Excellence in Review Award, Environmental Science and Technology, 2014
  • Faculty research development award, Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, CU Boulder, 2014
  • American Water Works Association, Water Science & Research Division Volunteer Recognition Award, 2014
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, Student Leadership Council, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2013
  • ASCE Fellowship to attend the ExCEEd workshop, Florida Gulf Coast University, July 21-26th, 2013

Recent Publications

  • McKay, G.; Korak, J. A.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Temperature dependence of the fluorescence of dissolved organic matter: Implications for DOM photophysics. Environmental Science and Technology, 2018, 52, 16, 9022-9032

  • Önnby, L.; Salhi, E.; McKay, G.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L.; von Gunten, U. Ozone and chlorine reactions with dissolved organic matter- Assessment of oxidant-reactive moieties by optical measurements and the electron donating capacities. Water Research2018, 144, 64-75

  • Cawley, K.; Hohner, A. K.; McKee, G.; Borch, T.; Omur-Ozbek, P.; Oropeza, J.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Characterization and spatial distribution of particulate and soluble carbon and nitrogen from wildfire impacted sediments. Journal of Soils and Sediments2018, 18, 1314-1326

  • McKay, G.; Korak, J. A.; Erickson. P.; Latch, D. E.; McNeil, K.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. The case against charge transfer interactions in dissolved organic matter photophysics. Environmental Science and Technology2018, 52, 2, 406-414

  • Ulliman, S.; McKay, G.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L.; Linden, K. Low levels of iron enhance UV/H2O2 efficiency at neutral pH. Water Research2018, 130, 234-242

  • McKay, G.; Huang, W.; Crouch, J. ; Romara-Castillo, C.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L.; Jaffe, R. Predicting reactive intermediate quantum yields from dissolved organic matter photolysis using optical properties and antioxidant capacity. Environmental Science and Technology2017, 51, 10, 5404-5413

  • Hohner, A. K.; Gilmore, P. L.; Townsend, E.; Summers, R. S.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Water treatment process evaluation of wildfire-affected sediment leachates. Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology2017, 3, 2, 352-365

  • Cawley, K. M.; Hohner, A. K.; Podgotski, D. C.; Cooper, W. T.; Korak, J. A.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Molecular and spectroscopic characterization of water extractable organic matter from soils exposed to simulated wildfire conditions reveal insight into disinfection byproduct precursors. Environmental Science and Technology2017, 51, 2, 771-779

  • Gonzales, S.; Peña, A.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Examining the role of effluent organic matter components on the decomposition of ozone and formation of hydroxyl radical in wastewater. Ozone Science and Engineering, 2012, 34, 42-48

  • MacKay, G.; Dong, M. M.; Kleinman, J. L.; Mezyk, S. P.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Temperature dependence of the reaction between the hydroxyl radical and organic matter. Environmental Science and Technology, 2011, 45, 6932-6937