Project Lead: Amy Javernick-Will

Given the increasing number and impact of disasters, research is needed to determine how to enable community recovery and foster resiliency. Associate Professor Amy Javernick-Will and her students focus on this increasingly vital aspect of community development.

Current Projects:

Picture of a white broken down houseBuilding Capacity for Safer Shelter: Leveraging Local Understanding and Advanced Engineering Assessments

This research seeks to assess the expected structural performance of reconstructed shelter, analyze household perceptions of performance, characterize differences between assessed and perceived performance, and identify modifications to improve performance. Read more.







Row housesAchieving Holistic Risk Reduction: Decision Processes for Resettlement, Reconstruction, and Recovery

This research investigates how relocation decision makers prioritize risk reduction in order to identify means of advocating and strengthening holistic risk reduction, a process inclusive of lessening vulnerability and cultivating resilience alongside geographic displacement. Read more.