Published: June 10, 2020

The Mortenson Center in Global Engineering community recognizes the pain and frustration caused by the systemic and unrelenting violence against Black communities. We denounce these acts and the systems that perpetuate them, and we stand in solidarity with all those speaking out against racial injustice and police brutality. This statement is overdue. Reflecting on the recent killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and countless others, we pledge to incorporate anti-racism into all areas of our work. We affirm our commitment to build a more inclusive community and culture in the Mortenson Center. 

We recognize that speaking out against racism is not the same as combating racism. As engineering students, professional engineers and engineering researchers, we commit to confronting racism and advocating for a safe and equitable future through our global projects. We recognize that our academic institution functions with systemic injustices embedded deeply within it. Therefore, we commit to identifying injustices within our own domain and to developing active responses.  

Moving forward we commit to these principles in all of our work:

  • To value and promote ethnically, culturally, economically and professionally diverse, inclusive, and relevant perspectives.
  • To identify and eradicate colonial, imperial and otherwise unjust practices in our professional fields.
  • To build positive relationships with our colleagues, our students, and the communities that we serve. 

Explicitly, we will incorporate these principles into our work through the following actions: 

As the Mortenson Center, we commit to:

  • Offer anti-racism training, including training on implicit bias and cultural sensitivity, for faculty and students.
  • Conduct a curriculum review to include education on anti-racism and decolonization in our pedagogy.

Student leaders within the Mortenson Center commit to:

  • Create an intentional space for student discussions on racism, activism and privilege by holding regular meetings on related topics and education.
  • Actively compile resources on how students can provide support to Black communities through educating themselves on anti-racism, safely participating in protests, donating money or working with government officials.
  • Incorporate anti-racism education into social events hosted by the Mortenson Center, such as breakfast club and book club.

What we do in this time of unprecedented challenges will define us for a generation. Our program, research, service and advocacy are critical to a better and more just world. With renewed fervor, we will continue to work together toward a more healthy, just and equitable society.


In solidarity,

Representatives of the student, staff and faculty community
Mortenson Center in Global Engineering
University of Colorado Boulder