Published: Feb. 13, 2018

The EDC Seminar Series is in full swing for February 2018! All seminars are at Noon to 1pm, in the location shown


Day Date Speaker Title Location
Mon Feb 12 James Mihelcic Assessment of Composting Latrines in in Panama: Are Pathogens Reduced, are Latrines Used, and do Users Perceive Excrement as a Waste or Valued Resource? SEEL 303 (lab building of SEEC)
Thurs Feb 15 Daniel Wilson Data, Dollars, and DALYs: How Sensors and Data Can Improve Technology’s Impacts for International Development ATLAS Hackery (ATLS 208)
Mon Feb 19 Laura Kwong Contaminated food, soil, and objects contribute most to children’s ingestion of fecal matter: Evidence from rural Bangladesh SEEL 303 (lab building of SEEC)

Feb 20

@1pm (new time)

Ryan Cronk Using monitoring data and systems analysis approaches to improve rural water service delivery in low- and middle-income countries DLC 1 B70 (note new location)
Mon Feb 26 Christy Prouty System-Based Engineering Approaches to Sustainability & Global Challenges SEEL 303 (lab building of SEEC)