Laurel Gibson
Graduate Students

B.A., Psychological Sciences and Communication, University of Connecticut, 2018.

PhD, Social Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder. Expected graduation: 2023.

Research Interests: My research interests lie at the intersection of social and health psychology, and are broadly focused on how our social experiences shape our physical health and health behavior. My primary line of research, which is supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, explores how social stigma influences the health risk behaviors of sexual minorities.

A second line of research focuses on exercise promotion, specifically, understanding affective and motivational factors that drive exercise engagement. Currently, I am conducting a study examining the acute effects of cannabis use on the affective experience of cardiovascular exercise.

Ultimately, I would like to move the impact of my research beyond academia and into the community at large through interventions designed to foster resilience, promote and maintain healthy behaviors, and reduce health disparities among marginalized communities.

About Me: A New Englander at heart, I grew up in New Hampshire and attended school in Connecticut. In my free time, I enjoy live music, cooking, travelling, and visiting the national parks.


Current Projects