Dream chaser side view

Dream Chaser

Jan. 16, 2018

The Dream Chaser reusable spacecraft prototype was load tested in two configurations to validate analytical models of the vehicle.

shear specimen loaded in frame

Alkali Silica Reaction Expansion in Concrete

Dec. 30, 2017

The focus of this project is to model the shear strength of concrete panels that have experienced alkali silica reaction.


Polyurethane Characterization

Oct. 18, 2017

Experimental characterization of visco-elasto-plastic response of polyurethanes for damage-resistant structures

A computer in the foreground shows results of a test underway in the lab

Nanoparticle Injection Technology

Oct. 18, 2017

Nanoparticle Injection Technology for Remediating Leaks of CO2 Storage Formation

Matrix Inclusions and Fracture Toughness

Oct. 18, 2017

Experimental investigation of matrix inclusions on the fracture toughness of composite material.

A concrete sample breaks under pressure during an experimen

Aerosol Generation in Compressive Concrete Fragmentation

Oct. 18, 2017

Eric Heichelheim, Harish Gadde, Prof. Mija Hubler, Prof. Lupita Montoya


Shake Table with a 2-Story Frame

Oct. 18, 2017

Structural Dynamics students work with CIEST to apply learning in labs.

A collage of photos of students working in the structures lab.

Cylinder, Shake Table, and Dynamic Column Testing

Oct. 18, 2017

Experimental Methods in Structural Engineering apply learning with CIEST

Two students cut Styrofoam to make the mold for the concrete canoe

Concrete Canoe Competition 2017

Oct. 18, 2017

ASCE student chapters have designed and raced concrete canoes in the National Concrete Canoe Competition since the early 1970s.

A group of students discuss the design of their steel bridge

Steel Bridge Competition 2017

Oct. 18, 2017

Students in the American Society of Civil Engineers at CU Boulder compete annually against other universities in the region at the ASCE regional conference to design and construct a steel truss bridge.