Published: April 1, 2022

Project Title: Hoop Tensile Test

Industry Partner: PSI Lab

CIEST Personnel ParticipantsJohn Hindman

Year: 2022

Project Summary:

The CIEST Laboratory successfully completed testing pipe liner samples for “apparent hoop tensile strength” as described in ASTM D2290. The method uses a split disk to apply tensile forces to a hoop or ring specimen cut from a pipe. Like a standard tensile test specimen, the hoop specimen also has an area of reduced width so that the failure should occur in a desired location. Load is applied at a constant rate of travel until a break occurs. The strength of the specimen is calculated based on the force at break and the cross-sectional area of the reduced area.

The test was performed on one of the CIEST Laboratory’s hydraulic-actuated test frames. We were glad to be able to perform these tests for an independent commercial laboratory. The size and strength of the particular samples tested required the use of a larger test machine, which we were able to provide. 

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hoop tensile stress test