Published: May 13, 2018
  • Full Project Title: Seismic Response of Embankments on Liquefiable Soils Improved with Compacted Granular Columns
  • Year: 2018
  • Participants: Juan Carlos Tiznado Aitken, Shideh Dashti, Hiral Gandhi, Lauren Strand, Madison Philips
  • Summary: The main goal of this project is to investigate how the use of compacted granular columns (CGC) may help improve the seismic performance of embankments on potentially liquefiable soils. First, the separated effects of densification, reinforcement, and enhanced drainage mechanisms provided by CGC's will be evaluated through several reduced-scale centrifuge model tests perfomed at CIEST. Then, non-linear finite element models will be calibrated against the experimental data in order to perform a parametric study considering different soil conditions and design scenarios. Finally, the insights from the previous phases will be used to evaluate the validity and limitations of current engineering design procedures for CGC’s. This project is intended to enhance our understanding of the seismic behavior of geo-structures affected by liquefaction and lateral spreading as well as to collaborate in bringing engineering practice towards a performance-based design philosophy.

In control room during flight.Project model with stone columns exposed.

Juan hard at work in preparation for the flight.In control room during flight.

     Final layers of soil and accelerometer sensors added.