Mimesis is proud to partner with Flaherty in supporting the dynamic, passionate, and global documentary community by bringing important works of nonfiction media to Colorado and beyond.

Apply for the 2022 FxB Flaherty Seminar Fellows Program

The Center for Documentary and Ethnographic Media at the University of Colorado Boulder, host of the Mimesis Documentary Festival, has partnered with the Flaherty media arts organization to create Flaherty x Boulder, a new series showcasing important works of historical and contemporary documentary media art.

Flaherty x Boulder operates at the Mimesis Documentary Festival. Inspired by the famed Flaherty Seminar, FxB programs are thoughtfully curated to foster deep conversations and provide interactive experiences for artists, scholars, and audiences.

Audience with Frances Flaherty at the 1954 Flaherty Seminar.

About Flaherty

Flaherty is a media arts organization that brings together diverse, curious minds to foster an in-depth discourse on film and the creative process. Flaherty is dedicated to the proposition that independent media can illuminate the human spirit. Its mission is to foster exploration, dialogue, and introspection about the art and craft of all forms of the moving image.

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