Literacy Squared®

Literacy Squared is a research-based and research-tested comprehensive biliteracy model that uses holistic frameworks to organize instruction for Spanish language literacy, English language literacy and explicit cross language connections. Since 2004 the model has been tested in 31 schools in three states with 200 teachers and nearly 4,000 students. Contact: Dr. Sue Hopewell, Director

Culturally Responsive Special Education Assessment – Pilot Implementation

Project represents the third component of a three-part referral/assessment project jointly implemented through a university-school district partnership with the Eagle County School District (ECSD) Special Education Department. This pilot addresses the assessment of English language and other diverse learners for special education eligibility. Contact: Dr. John J. Hoover, Director

Special Education Leadership & Quality Teacher Initiative

This ongoing initiative is designed to bring Response to Intervention training and support to schools and districts in the state of Colorado. Three levels of support are provided: 1) RTI Teacher Leader; 2) RTI School Team; and, 3) RTI District Team. Support is provided to schools and districts in both urban and rural areas of Colorado. Contact: Dr. John J. Hoover, Director

Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) Research Project

CSR is a set of research-based instructional strategies to improve reading comprehension and content learning. With CSR students work together in collaborative groups to read text and apply comprehension strategies to better understand science, social studies and language arts content. CSR includes methods for monitoring comprehension, engaging in student-led discussions, reviewing and synthesizing information, asking and answering questions, and taking steps to improve understanding. For more information about Collaborative Strategic Reading, including free CSR resources and the option to earn PD credit hours, visit the linked site above. Contact: Dr. Alison Boardman, Director